Our team

With more than 10 volunteers we have now become quite a team. A good development, because next to the repair work, customers have to be taken care of, the administration has to be kept up to date and our repair team members and customers have to be provided with coffee and tea. At the end of the afternoon or evening session, all tools and equipment need to be stored and the room needs to be cleaned and made available for other neighbourhood activities.

We are a bunch of handy people. Most of us have a technical background (electrical or mechanical) and have worked for Philips for a longer or shorter period of time. We are in Eindhoven, aren't we? That is why we usually know how to handle Philips appliances. Most of our repairers are retired. Together we have more than 500 years of experience in technical and related matters.

What we also have in common is that we enjoy working in the Repair Café and that we are happy to help you with the use and maintenance of your appliances. This extends the life of your precious possessions. That way they are less likely to be thrown away. Good for the environment and good for your wallet.

We repair many electrical appliances, but, in general, we also know how to deal with repair jobs on furniture, toys and garden tools. Our textile section can solve the most common textile problems and some of our technical staff are quite handy in solving problems with computers, tablets and telephones and with products that contain a lens such as photo, film, and video cameras and projectors.

On average, we solve two out of three problems for you. You are welcome !!