Privacy Statement

This privacy statement explains what information we record about visitors, what we do with it and what the rights of visitors are with respect to the personal data recorded.

For questions or requests you may contact the Repair Café Coordinator during the opening hours of our Repair Café. You can also send your question or request to:

Registration of your personal details

When you come to us with defective items, we ask you to complete a registration form, which in addition to information about the defective stuff (mandatory) also asks for personal information. First of course your name (required). In addition, we ask for your gender, your zip code, age category and e-mail address. (Optional)
Under the form we ask you to sign to agree to the House Rules (mandatory). In the house rules liability is, amongst others, regulated.

What is your personal information used for

We would like your e-mail address so that we can contact you afterwards about the repair, if necessary. The other information is used in overviews, without stating your name. For example, which age groups are most represented in the afternoon and which in the evening, or from which zip code areas do people come to our Repair Café.

How long do we keep your personal data

The registration form with your personal details will be kept for two years.

What are your rights

  • Right to view; If you want to know what we hold about you, you may see into the registration form. Since the forms are not sorted by name, please indicate in your request for inspection when you have visited our Repair Café.
  • Right to rectification; If something is noted incorrectly, it will be corrected at your request
  • If you wish to submit a complaint about the way in which we handle your personal data, you must do so with the
    Personal Data Authority.
  • Because the signed form covers the absence of liability of the volunteers of the Repair Café, we cannot remove the form at your request.

The completed registration forms are stored in a locked cupboard. Key is with one of the volunteers who is present at the next Repair Café.